Volkswagen TDi Performance and Fuel Economy


Production Eco Tune HOT Tune
105 hp 124 hp 127 hp
255 Nm 270 Nm 277 Nm

00 - 100 km/h Performance (Sea level, 21° C) 

Run (in seconds) 1 2 Avg
Production 11.5 11.7 11.6
Eco Tune 10.3 10.4 10.35
Hot Tune 9.7 9.8 9.75

The torque curves with the GDE tunes are much broader and relatively flat from 2000-3400 rpm. This dramatically improves drivability and vehicle response in all conditions. This is achieved without a boost spike or a peaky torque curve to provide a more linear feeling when driving.

VW TDi 19 Performance Graph WEB 

 Table VW TDi 19 WEB 1024


The fuel economy improvements are considerable when driving a constant speeds or accelerating conservatively, roughly 10-12% improvement overall. If driving aggressively it is feasible to maintain stock fuel economy with much more performance. Driving style has a significant impact on overall fuel economy.

The ECO tune has a smoother pedal map to help achieve the FE gains in the part load operation. The HOT tune has an aggressive pedal map to provide better response, but this tends to reduce the FE slightly.


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