Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD - Performance and Fuel Economy


Production Eco Tune Hot Tune
215 hp 241 hp 255 hp
510 Nm 597 Nm 617 Nm


0 - 100 km/h Performance (Sea level, 21° C) 

Run (in seconds) 1 2 Avg
Production 8.4 8.2 8.3
Eco Tune 7.5 7.4 7.45

The torque curves with the GDE tunes are much broader and relatively flat from 2000-3400 rpm. This dramatically improves drivability and vehicle response in all conditions.

 WK Performance Graph 2 WEB

Table WK WEB 1024


The fuel economy improvements are considerable when driving at constant speeds or accelerating conservatively, with an average gain of 10-15%. If driving aggressively it is feasible to maintain stock fuel economy with much more performance. Driving style has a significant impact on overall fuel economy.


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