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The flash scan OBD programmer tool allows up to 3 different tunes to be stored and downloaded to the vehicle based on the customer needs. This unit also reads and clears engine fault codes. Most of our tunes require the purchase of this tool to perform the installation.

The Stage II Turbo kit for the Jeep Liberty CRD centers on a new turbo charger assembly. The turbo is a generation III version of the production turbo on the KJ. This turbo has higher rpm limits, pushes more air and has a smaller frame size with lower rotating inertia. The core benefits with this turbo include faster boost spool up providing quicker response and increased passing capability, improved fuel economy, and increased top end performance. This turbo is not controlled with vacuum, but employs an REA actuator with PWM control. This actuator is a much more accurate method of controlling boost pressure, much faster response time at sea level and in altitude. The turbo kit will require welding on the exhaust system due to different exhaust downpipe and a couple wiring changes to power the turbo. A mounting boss for a thermocouple will be included on the exhaust downpipe. The kit will contain all hardware necessary to perform the upgrade with detailed instructions to allow self installation if you are so inclined. Otherwise a professional mechanic can complete the upgrade for your vehicle.


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