ECO Tune vs HOT tune

Not everyone has the same needs, and tuning is not only about giving more power in an uncontrolled way.

Keeping always in mind that a tuned car has to be MORE FUN to drive under any circumstance than the original version, we use different approaches to give our customers the possibility to achieve different results.  

ECO tune logo 35h 

Our ECO TUNES are developed specifically to obtain the best possible FUEL ECONOMY for your Diesel vehicle.
Still, Drivability and Performance are noticeably improved over the stock version, 

For markets like Europe where the cost of fuel is very high, the ECO TUNES become a very valuable option to save money. In several cases we can help you saving up to 20% in fuel costs and sometime even more. However please note that an aggressive driving style can have a significant impact on the overall fuel economy.

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Our HOT Tunes are focused primarily on improving the performance in terms of POWER and TORQUE, but making it available over a broader range and not just as a peak, giving a noticeable gain in performance feeling of the engine while accelerating. In most cases the HOT TUNES will promote also some fuel economy improvements, but this is very much depending on the type of use that will be done with the vehicle tuned in this way. 


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