Not everyone has the same needs, and tuning is not only about giving more power in an uncontrolled way.

Keeping always in mind that a tuned car has to be MORE FUN to drive under any circumstance than the original version, we use different approaches to give our customers the possibility to achieve different results.  

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Our ECO TUNES are developed specifically to obtain the best possible FUEL ECONOMY for your Diesel vehicle.
Still, Drivability and Performance are noticeably improved over the stock version, 

For markets like Europe where the cost of fuel is very high, the ECO TUNES become a very valuable option to save money. In several cases we can help you saving up to 20% in fuel costs and sometime even more. However please note that an aggressive driving style can have a significant impact on the overall fuel economy.

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Our HOT Tunes are focused primarily on improving the performance in terms of POWER and TORQUE, but making it available over a broader range and not just as a peak, giving a noticeable gain in performance feeling of the engine while accelerating. In most cases the HOT TUNES will promote also some fuel economy improvements, but this is very much depending on the type of use that will be done with the vehicle tuned in this way. 

We have found several companies that sell after-market performance chips. We will not recommend any of the chips available on the market as these "fake" sensor readings and can lead to long term hardware issues

For instance, modifying how the mass air flow sensor functions will reduce the EGR in some operating regions, but will not account for altitude or engine warm-up routines so the effects are not linear and not optimized. Having less EGR is not always the best as this could lead to increased soot formation inside the EGR valve (due to lower flow rates) and an increased likelihood of a sticking EGR valve.

Our intent is always to MAXIMIZE FUEL ECONOMY, IMPROVE DRIVABILITY and PERFORMANCE, and it is important to know that we tune the engine through the actual vehicle ECU. We are able to change the entire calibration and not just individual sensors/actuators. Below is a list of some of the parameters we modify to improve the engine efficiency.

Green Diesel Engineering, formed in early 2009, and was established to fill a void left in the diesel performance market by add-on boxes or roughly-developed programmers that don't truly take advantage of the full performance and economy potential offered by diesel power systems.

Our core strategy is to determine the overall power-torque curve to meet the performance requirements, and from that point begin optimizing the calibration as a whole (injection timing, number/quantity of pilot injections, post injection, boost pressure set point, etc..) to provide the highest fuel economy and performance. In most cases, a large performance gain can be realized from just a calibration alone without the need to spend endless dollars on additional components.

Our modifications don't come without extreme testing and validation of the calibration. Testing and validation have been done in all conditions, i.e. cold and warm weather along with low to high elevation, so the calibration is robust through all seasons and in any different environment you might drive in the world. You can drive from the ocean all the way into the mountain with complete linearity. Our climatic and altitude validation sets GDE apart from other chips/tuners because others do not account for these variations and thus warrant future problems or unwanted results in these adverse environmental conditions.

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